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Close the Dáil Bar and replace it with a Juice Bar for TD's

This petition calls for the closing of the bar in Dáil Eireann in the Irish Parliament, which is subsidised by the Irish tax payer. It's not normal in other countries for public representatives to be under the influence of alcohol while voting to legislate on issues such as adding billions of euro on the public exchequer, or on the first piece of legislation dealing with abortion in the history of the state. Perhaps it's time that it shouldn't be normal in this country either. However we wouldn't want our hardworking public representatives to go undernourished. That's why the Dáil bar should be replaced with a juice bar, serving healthy, nutritious juices and smoothies. Some healthy beverages like that might make for a more focused Dáil Eireann rather than one full of TDs who are probably over the legal limit to drive.

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